Development for a Developing World

noun: mainspring
1. something that plays a principal part in motivating or maintaining a movement, process, or activity.


Mainspring Technology provides a wide range of services

About Us

We are a young and vibrant team that looks for opportunities to work with the latest in technology and use that technology to help build up others. Even though technology is everywhere, it is not always used very well. As such we look for opportunities to utilize it best where it truly benefits the business and the customer.

We also look for opportunities to invest back into the community. In order to achieve this goal, Mainspring Technology utilizes the 3P model of profit utilization. What this means, is that we take a third of our profits and invest them directly into programs or other organizations that help build the community through training or services. For more information on what types of programs we fund see

"Empowering dreams through providing technology resources"


US OFFICE: 6464 S Quebec St, Suite 600, Centennial, CO 80111

PHONE: +1 (303) 777-7313